This year, for the tenth consecutive year, one of the most important scientific information events in the country was organized, the Researcher’s Night, which took place in several European countries in parallel. This night, the gates of higher education institutions and research institutes will be opened with the aim of bringing as many people as possible closer to the features and actualities of each discipline, and to represent the attractiveness of a career in research.

This year again The John von Neumann Informatics Faculty of the Óbuda University joined the more than hundred institutions with 20 different programs and 5 continuous presentations. 800 visitors came from various age groups. Many of the programs lasted from early afternoon to late evening. The number of main performers was 14, being 30 with the assistants. We welcomed many familiar and new faces among the visitors.

The John von Neumann faculty participated for the fifth time in the Researchers' Night.
It was a great success for robot-related programs, the visitors could try out the virtual reality as well as the Bosch cars!
NIK's researchers have always been looking for new and innovative solutions, so now they have 3D printed self-designed robotic aircrafts. In a live demonstration the visitors could personally test the functionality of the small devices on the Óbuda campus. In the yard they had a chance to try out the Stringbike (one of the new generation bikes).

The youngsters were dazzled by the innovative toys in the cubby.