Our students also add their expertise to the fight against the coronavirus 17 April 2020

Between the 3rd and 5th of April, the Hack The Crisis Hungary, a 48-hour long online hackathon and brainstorming competition announced and organized by the HWSW Informatics News Portal, was held in parallel with the online brainstorming competition of 15 other countries (including Slovakia, the Netherlands, Argentina, Madagascar, Cyprus, Nigeria, etc.). The aim of the event was for the competing teams to support organizations, communities and educational institutions in the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus with useful developments suitable for saving lives, supporting communities and businesses, and digitizing education. One of the members of the winning team in the Save Life category, Balázs Kelemen, is a student of the John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics at the University of Óbuda, and also 2 other team members from the 5-person team have already attained certificates at our university.


New Hungarian invention of international importance in the fight against coronavirus 2 April 2020

One of the major problems with COVID-19, which has evolved into a pandemic, is that the massive spread of infection is pushing healthcare systems to their limits, especially due to the relatively high number of people requiring intensive hospitalization. Experts at the University of Óbuda are currently working on a ventilator that is key to intensive care, enabling up to dozens of patients to be treated at a time, as opposed to currently used machines that can treat only one patient.


Mathematical help for analysis of the epidemic 2 April 2020

A researcher at Óbuda University also helps with epidemiological decision-making. Dr. Tamás Ferenci, a young associate professor at the John von Neumann Informatics Faculty at Óbuda University and a member of the EKIK Physiological Controls (Physcon) research group, was invited to support epidemiological decision making by mathematical modeling and forecasting.


Robotics can also help doctors 20 March 2020

The John von Neumann Computer Society interviewed Tamás Haidegger, one of the heads of the Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics.


Mathematical models for personalized tumor treatment 3 September 2019

Initially Czakó Bence Géza was afraid of mathematics, and today he is a cancer therapy optimalization managing computer engineer and applied mathematician, who enjoys jogging and weight training in his freetime.


Greeting of Rector 31 July 2019

Prof. Dr. Kovács Levente is the new Rector of the Óbuda University.


Single-beacon acoustic navigation for low-cost AUVs 5 October 2018

First results of closed-loop experiments using a miniature, low-cost SandShark AUV and a custom-designed, inexpensive acoustic system.


EKIK migration 16 February 2018

The knowledge centers of EKIK have moved to the Bécsi Street campus of the Óbuda University, so now they can operate in a modern, representative environment.


ERL Emergency Robots 2017 International Competition 11 October 2017

The OUbot team of the Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics and Bio-Tech Knowledge Center has achieved outstanding results at the ERL Emergency Robots International Competition in Piombino, Italy, in September 2017.


Drone Competition and Robotics Show 10 September 2016

The Drone Prix Hungary team is aiming to build the largest fan community of drone fans in Hungary and even within the region. First it's going to host a five-station open-drone championship with numerous additional programs, which will peak in September's Drone Competition and Robotics Show.


Tamed cancer - Talk with Levente Kovács 14 June 2016

Levente Kovács Adalbert is a habilitated associate professor at the University of Óbuda, and he is also vice-dean of Education for the John von Neumann Informatics Faculty. At the Biomatics Institute he leads the Physiological Regulatory Group. He received an ERC Starting Grant a few months ago for his "Tamed cancer" project.


Hungarian succes in Paris: our researchers on the OECD forum 3 June 2016

Tamás Haidegger, one of the creators of the hand hygiene system called Hand-in-Scan, Eszter Ozsvald, the founder of Notch, the developers of the sport analytics application, Priszcilla Várnagy, CEO of the world-wide used decision support system named Be-novative, Péter Csermely network researcher, Vera Pistyur the leader of Bridge budapest and Böszörményi-Nagy Gergely the leader of Desing terminal – A few names of the Hungarian attendants of the OECD forum.

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Graduation ceremony at the Neumann Faculty 24 March 2016

The John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics held its traditional graduation ceremony in the aula of the University on the 20th of February 2016, where 52 BSc students and 2 MSc students received their IT engineer diploma.


Saying goodbye to the Rector of our University 24 March 2016

We are deeply disturbed that Professor János Fodor, Rector of the University of Óbuda, Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, died in the 60th year of his life after a long, serious illness.


Machine learning presentation 3 March 2016

We would like to invite everybody who is interested in Prof.Cézar Martinez's presentation organized by NiK's Biomatics Institute.


Space robotics workshop on the "Gateway to Space" exhibition 29 January 2016

We will be able to know everything in connection with robotics and space traveling on the workshop of Óbuda University and the Hungarian Austronautic Company which will be held on the worlds biggest traveling "space exhibition", the "Gateway to Space" exhibition at Millenáris.


Huge interest on visitors day in January 20 January 2016

The interest in the visitors day of Neumann Faculty was big again! More than 300 students and parents took part in the half-day program.


Commemorating Antal Bejczy at the Óbuda University 16 January 2016

Antal Bejczy physicist, a lead-researcher at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, affiliate professor at the Washington University's St. Louis, was an outstanding personality of international space research and robotics. On January 18 the Honorary Doctor of the University of Óbuda was commemorated at the iRobotechnical Center, and also the handover of Antal Bejczy Student Publishing Award (founded in 2015) and the opening ceremony of the Bejczy Exhibition was conducted.


Female researcher on the borders of biology and informatics 12 December 2015

Vilma Hugonnai, the first hungarian doctress had to fight a lot for recognition. Her degree was brought to doubt in our country, so she couldn’t get a job for a long time. 150 years passed since then and we are living in the 5th technological revolution, however there is still just a few women in this area of science.
According to our society, information technology is a manly job.


WRO Advanced Robotics Challenge Hungary 9 December 2015

If you are interested in robotics and you want to take part in an international competition, then unite with your friends and submit your application to the WRO advanced robotics challenge. Represent Hungary with your team in India in the WRO final!


The Biomatics Institute in “Heti Válasz” magazine’s higher education ranking’s publication 4 December 2015

A new institute launched at the John von Neumann Informatics Faculty of Óbuda University, aiming to educate and research biotechnology, medical informatics, robotics and applied computer science.


PlayIT - Veletech 2015 4 December 2015

On the PlayIT - Veletech 2015 exhibition that took place on the weekend, the John von Neumann Informatics Faculty of Óbuda University had also been present. Our students popularized the faculty’s educational and researching possibilities and provided information on the programs of our open days and on the application procedure as well.


Celebration of Hungarian Science at the Óbuda University 1 December 2015

The program series started on November 2nd at the Óbuda University with the goal to popularize the scientific research work, showcase its results, and to make the importance of the correspondence of research and education clear.


VI. University Day at the Óbuda University 23 November 2015

This year, the University of Óbuda commemorated the Hungarian Parliament's CXXXXIX law amendment of 2005 on Higher Education, adopted by the Parliament on 23 November 2009, which stipulates that on 1 January 2010 the University of Óbuda was established.


Medical engineers are being trained in Óbuda 20 November 2015

A new Strategic Educational Unit called the Biomedical Institute at Óbuda University, within the Neumann János Informatics Faculty. The training here will focus on robotics and will focus on the field of IT in the field of medical engineering as of February. Those who come here can continue their studies not only in daytime, but also via evening training. Levente Kovács's deputy dean of education told Lokal about the possibilities offered by the institute.


Robots and doctors: Interview with Dr. Haidegger Tamás 16 November 2015

If we hear about robots or robotics, we often think of the so-called humanoid or humanlike machines. Yet this is only a part of this area, and it is not so popular in our country. But the branch of robotics related to surgery is all the more. This is one of the specialties of dr. Tamás Haidegger. He is a biomedical engineer, and the deputy director of Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics. Despite his young age, he is a prestigious researcher in this field. We talked to him about the newly emerging Biomatics Institute - of course about (surgeon) robots.


Robotics and medical informatics at the Óbuda University 12 November 2015

A new institute has been established at the John von Neumann Informatics Faculty of the Óbuda University called Biomatics Institute. It’s goal is the integrated education of biotechnology, medical informatics, robotics and applied computer science.


Opening of Biomatics Institute 11 November 2015

The new facility of the University of Óbuda is uniqe in the Hungarian higher education. Besides education,it highly focuses on research and development and its purpose is to integrate the education and research of biotechnology, healthcare IT, robotics and applied computer science in the frame of MSc and PhD trainings.


Levente Kovács in the 2nd round of the ERC StG 12 October 2015

In the 2015 Call for Proposals for the Most Competitive New EU Researchers (ERC StG), Dr. habil. Levente Kovács's application was considered by the international jury to be suitable for the second round and therefore deemed presentable live.


On the 4th place with Erik, the submarine robot 28 September 2015

Erik, Sparus II submarine robot of the Óbuda University’s OUBOT team has performed outstandingly in Piombino, Italy on September 17-25, in the euRathlon 2015 outdoor robotics competition. The team finished in the 4th place in the international field.


János Ujvári diploma award 10 September 2015

András Baráth won the 3rd prize in the Ujvári János award for the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office. Congratulation!

Consultant: Dr. Valéria Póser Associate Professor


INES 2015 3-5 September 2015

From September 3 to 5, the 19th International IEEE Conference (INES 2015) will be held in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The conference will constitute of dealing with intelligent engineering systems and the commemoration of Antal Bejczy.