Groups supporting research and development of various fields of expertise. They run from university, state and industrial sources. Teachers and students can benefit their knowledge and deepen it in the given discipline.
We care about the development of new talent in many ways. The Scientific Students' Conference (TDK) is an outstanding opportunity to learn independent research and development work.

• Health IT Systems Work Group
• Robotics Work Group

Research and development groups

Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics
Biotech Lab
Physiological Controls Research Center

We note that additional centers are under development.

The institute also takes part in the work of competency centers operated jointly with global companies. Competence centers provide technology and knowledge transfer between the IT technology industry and institute education/research, which greatly contributes to the ongoing renewal of education and the launch of up-to-date facultative subjects.

The network of Competence Centers in our faculty is unique in that the key technologies that are followed this way cover most of the important trending areas of IT training. Our Competence Centers provide a continuous technology transfer between the world's leading companies and our faculty.

The shaping, operation and development of our centers are supported by cooperating multinational companies by providing material conditions (IT tools, software) and by providing training scholarships. Our centers contribute to continuous renewal of education, up-to-date knowledge and facilitate the acquisition of certificates that are valuable on the labor market.